Available for download is the Northwest Nazarene Visual Standards Manual. This manual contains standards  for creating clear and distinctive communications for Northwest Nazarene University. These guidelines are simple to follow and will help make your communications efforts easy, attractive, and effective.

In this manual, you will find:

  • An explanation of the elements of the official Northwest Nazarene University visual identity
  • Guidelines for the use of these elements
  • Guidelines for the use of additional support elements
  • Suggested applications of the visual identity

Read the Visual Style Guide (PDF)

The Northwest Nazarene University identity consists of several different elements as described in the Visual Style Guide, each one playing an integral part in the overall positioning of the NNU brand. Deviations from any of these elements jeopardize the consistency of the NNU identity and our communications.

Please, if you have not yet had a chance, read the Visual Style Guide. We'd like you to have a very thorough understanding of the logo and the guidelines surrounding its placement in all types of media. If you have questions, or a special request, please contact Robert O'Donahue, Director of Educational Partnerships, at 208-467-8412 or

Download the NNU Logo