Web Protocols

Help Requests

Getting help from the Web Development team is not hard! We prefer that you email webadmin@nnu.edu for any help requests. We also prefer that you do not contact TMR with problems related to Typo3 or use Footprints (TMR's ticketing system) to make work requests. All Typo3 related requests should be directed to Web Development.

A minimum of two-weeks lead time is required for all new project requests. There may be some instances where your project will be completed sooner, but do not expect it.

TYPO3 Access

Users who have already been granted access to TYPO3 may login from here. Once there, you'll be prompted for a username and password. Please use your campus username and password to login.

Active Campaign Access

Users who have already been granted access to Active Campaign may login at 
nwnazarene.activehosted.com/admin. Once there, you'll be prompted for a username and password. Please use your campus username and the temporary password provided by Web Development to login. After you have logged in, change your password by selecting "Account" and then "Your Settings" in the upper-right-hand corner.

To receive access to Active Campaign you must attend an Active Campaign training session. Sessions are held on a monthly basis. Refer to the Web Development calendar to find out when the next session will be held.

Facebook Guidelines

Keep in mind

Your official Facebook page is a space for prospective students. It is more casual, yes, but ultimately this is a place for us to put our best foot forward in conversing with past, present and future students.

Post once a day around noon

Research has shown that noon is the best time to get noticed on Facebook. To be courteous and ensure that your fans don'€™t get tired of you, post only once a day (twice max if absolutely necessary). To keep the attention of your audience, you should post a minimum of two-three times a week.


Upload photos that are relevant to your program and your audience. Examples would be photos of events that your program held, marketing photos from program photoshoots, etc.

Posting guidelines

Any information you post could be seen by a wide variety of individuals, such as alumni, donors, current students, prospective students, pastors and church leaders. Consider these groups before posting to ensure that you will not be alienating any current or future customers. Treat each social media interaction the same as you would a face-to-face conversation. Please be courteous, accurate and respectful. Pay attention to spelling and grammar. "œEmoticons" have no place in official university communications.

This is a page, not a group

A page is a place for your program to communicate with your constituents in an official capacity. It is a place for updates, news, tidbits and photos that directly relate to your program.

A group is a place for informal conversation. It is a place for conversations about the weather, weekend plans, and baby photos. It is not official or linked directly to the university in anything other than name.