Source List

Northwest Nazarene University
Stacey Berggren M.Ed NNU Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing Email:
Phone: 208-467-8773
Mike Stetson NNU Athletics Sports Information Director Email:
Phone: 208-467-8474
Robert O'Donahue Media Relations Email:
Phone: 208-467-8412
Faculty Experts
Fred C. Fullerton, D.Div. Vice President for Spiritual and Leadership Development Email:
Phone: 208-467-8530
Dr. Ronald Galloway Associate Dean, Graduate Studies Email:
Phone: 208-467-8889
Dr. Mike Poe Professor of Education Email:
Phone: 208-467-8429
Dr. Steve Shaw Dept. of History and Political Science Email:
Phone: 208-467-8878
LeAnn Stensgaard Professor of Social Work Email:
Phone: 208-467-8680
Dr. Tim Anstine Professor of Chemistry Email:
Phone: 208-467-8884
Dr. Dan Lawrence Professor of Physics Email:
Phone: 208-467-8662
Dr. Dan Nogales Dean, School of Health and Science Email:
Phone: 208-467-8672
Dr. John Cossel Professor of Biology Email:
Phone: 208-467-8893
Dr. Mike Kipp Associate Professor of Youth and Family Ministry Email:
Phone: 208-467-8759