Linnea Hanson

Linnea HansonWeb Content Specialist

(208) 467-8954

Inbound marketing (SEM, email campaigns and social media), web content creation and updates, and content editor support

Kendra Lubiens

Kendra LubiensMarketing & Media Coordinator

(208) 467-8021

School of Business, School of Theology & Christian Ministries, Office of University Advancement, Wesley Center and Office of Alumni Relations

Robert O'Donahue

Robert O'DonahueDirector of Media Relations

(208) 467-8412

Melissa Smith

Melissa SmithMarketing & Media Specialist

(208) 467-8035

Department of Music, Conferences & Events, NNU Online, Center for Professional Development, Office of Student Development and Career Center

Zac Vineyard, MBA, MFA Creative Writing

Zac VineyardDirector of Marketing and Web Development

(208) 467-8031
Helstrom 104

I build the NNU website.